waste management is everyone's business:

Public authorities, industrialists, associations and citizens. To reduce the amount of waste we produce, we need to apply three fundamental principles: sort well, buy better and limit waste. Selective sorting concerns three main categories of waste: Household waste, hazardous waste and bulky items. Some can be recycled, others cannot. Over the last ten years or so, selective sorting of recyclable materials has become the norm in households (90% of French people are able to sort their packaging). However, there is still a lot of waste that has to be burned or stored, and whose treatment has a harmful impact on the environment. To optimize the recycling work carried out by the industry, it is imperative to dispose of waste in the right place and under the right conditions, so as not to contaminate the entire waste stream.


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Household waste :

Plastic, Steel, Aluminium, Paper, Glass, Organic waste...


Hazardous waste :

Batteries, Phytosanitary products, Paints and Solvents... to be returned to stores or waste collection centers.


Bulky waste :

Heavy, bulky items that don't fit in the garbage can. Often household appliances, they contain heavy metals such as asbestos, lead, mercury and other environmental toxins. To get rid of these bulky items, always think of the waste disposal center.


CHow do you sort your household waste?

The usual garbage can for ordinary waste, such as leftovers from your meals (chicken, mashed potatoes, bread...), peelings, dirty packaging, diapers, cotton buds, tubes of cream, toothpaste, pens, etc... all non-recyclable waste!


• A garbage can for everything that can be recycled: Paper, newspapers, magazines, printed matter.

• Plastic packaging :

plastic bottles and flasks.

• Cardboard packaging :

cardboard, food cartons, cardboard boxes, large folded cartons.

• Metal packaging :

tin cans, aluminum containers, cans, aerosols, etc.

• A garbage can for glass :

your bottles, pots, jars... Glass is infinitely recyclable.


You must sort separately glass packaging



Return surplus or expired medicines to your pharmacy. Never throw them in your garbage! Medicines are active substances that can have a harmful effect on the environment, polluting land and water.


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